About Us

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Who we are…”

The Free-Man House is a non-profit housing ministry serving veterans, men from prison, men dealing with substance abuse and addiction, homelessness, and those who are down and out.

We offer a clean and sober living environment that is Christ-centered and focused on providing a hand-up in life’s struggles by helping our residents get their lives back on track and headed in a positive direction.


How we began…”

15 years ago God gave our founder and Executive Director, Troy Freeman, a burning vision to bring hope to the hopelessly lost through a housing ministry.

While in the Texas prison system for the seventh time, Troy’s life was forever changed when he gave his life to Christ. He had a vision to be involved in a ministry that was willing to help those less fortunate than himself. Finding it hard to believe there were less fortunate than himself, he also knew there were those who had not found the love of Jesus Christ.  Over the years, God has grown the vision and Troy has faithfully responded.


Meet the Team

Our goal is to change lives so when they leave they are emotionally, spiritually, and physically stable - freeing them to successfully transition into the world.


Barb & Troy Freeman

CFO and Executive Director

Your support counts...

Become a supporter today.  Your donation will go directly toward helping a man become a whole and productive member of our society again.  Visit our website and use the Donate Button, or call us directly to see how can help.  Thank you and God Bless You.